Zen Garden Hotel Lijiang
Wuyi Yard


Welcome Dear Guest,

I’m He Yumei, the general manager of Zen Garden Hotel in Lijiang. Lijiang is my hometown and I have been living always in the middle of the Old Town. My family and my relatives have stayed here for several generations and I am an original Naxi woman (Chinese Minority), who has preserved and heritage the very rich local Dongba culture until today. I have been grown up in an established artist family, where Calligraphy, Chinese music, Flute and Guqin have been practised every day. Chinese classical painting with ink and water as well as calligraphy and Chinese garden design are our favorite traditions.

I myself have got my degree at the university in Kunming in Classical Chinese and World History. After some years of teaching I took the very challenging opportunity to start my career in the hospitality business with great success so that my family and me made the decision to design our own hotels. The very well known Zen Garden Hotel in Lijiang started in 2004 in the middle of the Old Town of Lijiang with the "Zen Garden Hotel Wuyi Yard". The second hotel was opened in 2008 at the Wen Chang Gong (Lion Hill) in the Old Town of Lijiang "The Zen Garden Hotel Lion Hill Yard".

Our great success belongs mostly to our guests which always encourage us to bring more and more local Naxi culture, Tea culture and Chinese music to their knowledge and friends. We have many foreign guests who are travelling every year from Europe, America or even Israel to visit us and relaxing and enjoying our rich cultural offerings. We are eager to open your heart, soul, ear and eyes for our local traditional culture. Sometime we use our hotels as a stage to the world to show out with music and poetry what does a rich Chinese Culture mean in history but although for us today. These we like to enjoy and celebrate with you.


The Zengardenhotel Wuyi Yard is very well situated in the center of the Old Town of Lijiang, next to the Si Fang square and the stone bridge. It is in the very heart of the old city. Right outside the front door of the hotel is a small park with seats that overlooks the stream . where young girls dio photoshoots all day with their photographers. They all dressed up in traditional customes and look beautiful. You can enjoy seeing all the activities and take lots of pictures too.

From the moment you step into the yard, you feel the tranquility, peacefulness and serenity that we have created, from the decor to the landscaping. The hotel is carefully originally designed as traditional timber construction with natural stone walls and pavements. All the rooms have a little balcony with seats which are orientated to the open green yard where you can enjoy the sunshine.
Entering the gate into the peaceful and relaxing teahouse of Zen Garden Hotel Lion Yard you are surrounded by lovely orchids, bonsai trees, Koi-fish-pond and cozy sunshine places. You can listen to the music from ancient Chinese Gujin instruments and sense the Chinese traditional atmosphere and culture while the bubble sound of the fishpond, calm down the hectic rush of normal life. A very tasteful aesthetic atmosphere has been created from a collector of art and crafts who leads you into the fine art of ancient China with its skillful design works.
Therefore the reception and the teahouse in Zen Garden Hotel Wuyi Yard are very well decorated with high class Chinese antiques furniture, vases, paintings and fine art wood carvings from the Ming and Qing Dynasty. You can drink the best blends of the famous and healthy PU-ER Tea while you can enjoy the privacy of the relaxing Zen Garden from the Teahouse, reading some books from the library or improve your calligraphy skills. The owner can teach you how to use the brushes. Tea and sunflower-seed cookies or some local fruits are always a welcome treat.

Listening to the Chinese music you are also invited to burn some incense on our little private Buddhism altar. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the individual high class private atmosphere of our teahouse. If you like to book the complete house for your private company’s event we like to arrange all the things you need.

The room décor is modern and very well equipped with Wifi and cable connections. The western bathroom is well furnished with shampoo, shower cream, toothbrush and toothpaste. TV. heater, 24 hours hot water, electric heated bed pads, free tea and great cookies, hair-dryer and also laundry service. Every day the rooms will be cleaned and the towels are renewed every day. Also with  LD, DDD, IDD service.

We have western breakfast with fresh toast (you can order from the waitress, they will toast them for you so they are hot and crunchy)  with jam and butter, local style sponge cakes (awesome) and cereals. Eggs of your choices upon request and hard boiled eggs. Milk, yoghurt, fruit juice, teas and coffee (freshly brewed). With 3-5 different types of fresh fruits you can start making your own Muesli. Sweet fresh ginger soup, porridge, local style pancakes, pickled veggies.

Most of the hotel staffs are local Naxi people and speak enough English and Chinese that will be able to communicate with you without problems. And they are very kind, friendly and helpful. The hotel front desk will always give you information about Lijiang and help you to organize the tours and other travel arrangements around Lijiang and Shangrila.

Lijiang is rich of the local Dongba culture and Chinese classical culture. We can organize a very nice traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, Poem Meeting, Calligraphic Lesson, Tai Chi lesson, Traditional Chinese Medicine lessons with very experienced experts from all over Yunnan and China.

I hope that my introduction of Zen Garden Hotel in Lijiang has made you curious to find out more about China, Yunnan and Lijiang and the rich tradition we offer to our guests. We like to invite you to visit us in the near future and enjoying our hospitality.

Kindest regards

He Yumei

General Manager and owner of Zen Garden Hotel Lijiang